Emily Goodman-Pearce

Got the pleasure of working with Emily. We were aiming for a dark shoot, trying to capture the darkness, the ups and downs that come with depression. Hopefully we will continue to try a few more things on the subject in the coming months. Here are some of my favourite photos.

Concluding the workshops

As I mentioned previously, I have been conducting 2 workshops at the Youth community centre in Taylors Hill for the past 4 weeks. Each workshop going for 2 hours, once a week between 7-9. I am going to try to summarise the experience below.   Digital Photography Workshop Contrary to my expectation the guys actually were …


Workshops at the Taylors Hill Men’s Shed

Have been crazy busy with so many things lately but definitely want to share some interesting development. Wandering around one day, we walked into this new facility the Melton council is setting up in Taylors Hill. Turns out it was the inauguration day for the new Men’s Shed building. Ran into Catherine Rollins, who was very …


Skilling up in photoshop

Given that I belong to the behind the scene side of things when it comes to apps, I never cared much for photoshop and design. Recently my brain started to get all these crazy ideas which required either very elaborate photoshoots or me finding a photoshop guy, willing to work for me for free. Both …


Flying lesson # 1

My awesome sister knew I wanted to learn flying this year, so she went ahead and paid for my first lesson at Essendon airport. It was a fantastic experience, can’t wait to get stuck into it and work my way towards my RPL. In contrast to my expectation that airplane was pretty sensitive to the …


Kristian Columbine

I finally came around to checking out the car park right in front of my Squareweave office.Had lots of fun working with Kristian and we also went back to say hi to Jules at Grace and have some lovely coffee and lemon slice! Everything worked out well    

Rowena Bradford

Rowena is just getting back in the modelling business after a bit of a hiatus. It was the perfect opportunity for me to try setting up my studio equipment at home and just do a nice and simple studio shoot. I always enjoy working with studio lights and I am gradually getting the hang of it. We had …


Imogen Abandowitz-Luckhardt

Imogen and I wanted to try out something casual yet different. We used this opportunity to checkout the Heavenly queen temple in Footscray. It’s still under construction but it’s beautiful. We were slightly constrained by time and weather so we kept it pretty simple. It’s always fun to try new locations but you always realise later that …


Brooke Walters

You know how sometimes things just align perfectly? Brooke and I figured out that we are both excited about motorcycles. Thanks to her resourcefulness, we ended up taking advantage of that mutual interest and did a photoshoot involving some beautiful motorcycles. We had fun doing this as you can see

Stephani Spirov

Stephani and I figured we would try something slightly out of the ordinary, so we decided to go for a little road trip to Limestone, Victoria. Earlier in the year, I found this beautiful abandoned tunnel there called the Cheviot Tunnel. Stephani is friendly and patient besides being incredibly beautiful. It was an utter pleasure working and road …


J-Erin Wood

Loved working with the beautiful J-Erin or just J. We decided to try a very casual shoot at the top of the Jam Factory parking lot. The graffiti we found was underwhelming but I think we made it work.  Here are the results:

Family day out

Keeping with the tradition, we headed out this Sunday to the Dandenong ranges. It’s always a pleasure to be in this area. It’s not too far from us and we can always feel the city tension immediately fading away by the minute. The Mrs figured out that we need to checkout the Rhododendron Gardens and …


Klara Härtl

Had the pleasure of working with Klara on Saturday at the Flagstaff gardens. We tried to keep this a sporty themed photoshoot, although it was slightly tricky with a million people in the background and the lack of props but I think we did well!   Here are some of my favourite photos.

Climate for change

Every now and then I am reminded of how many amazing people surround me. Luke invited me be part of the launch event of the upcoming initiative called Climate for Change. A fantastic event, bringing together some amazing people to start talking about the urgent issue of the climate and how we all need to …